Life Transformation – Sinner to Saint

Recently I visited a friend, as I entered his living room, seated with his son on a sofa was a big dog. For some moments I was at a lost whether it was a real dog or a big toy, then it barked, I said waoh! it’s a dog. The barking did not make it a dog, it only confirmed it was one.

Dogs don’t become dogs by barking.

They are dogs by birth

And they bark because they are dogs

Lions don’t become lions by roaring

They are lions by birth

And they roar because they are Lions

Similarly you don’t become a sinner by sinning.

Sinning only confirms you are a sinner

You were born a sinner.

And you sin because you are a sinner.

If you train a dog to stop barking and start roaring

It will not become a Lion

It will still be a dog, a dog that roars.

Since Lions are lion by birth, a dog can only become a Lion if by some supernatural means it stops being a dog and is re-born a lion.

My friends dog, remains a dog no matter how well it is trained. It can only become a human if by some supernatural means it stops being a dog and has a second birth as a human.

For Sinners, that supernatural means to change nature (rebirth) is available (by the death and resurrection of Jesus)

A sinner can become a saint(Christ-like) by being born (again  – a second time by the power of the spirit) a new creation – a saint.

This is a spiritual process that happens when a sinner seeing the helplessness and hopelessness of his nature as a sinner,  consciously decides to abandon this nature and whole-heartedly accepts another life (nature) in Jesus, made available by grace through faith.

Dear friend, You may be learned,  disciplined and polished looking all good but still fill guilt and helplessness inside,  or you may be rash  and uncultured and cover it with bold face, but you know this void of hopelessness within.

What you need is not life modification, though it can help you look better, it will not change your nature. What you need is a life transformation.

This  is already available, what you need to do is to receive it by doing the following;

Acknowledge the brokenness,  the hopelessness and helplessness of your sinful nature, then willingly discard it.

And deliberately and whole-heartedly accept a new life in Jesus.

As you nurture this new life with the word of God, it will mature and begin to bear all the good fruits.


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